About Us

Our mission:  To provide quality, affordable housing for individuals and families throughout Northeast Indiana with specific needs and/or limited resources.

Whitley Crossings housing is governed by the Whitley Crossings Neighborhood Corporation, an IRS designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing safe, affordable housing for a wide range of people, including senior citizens and people with disabilities. The professional staff members who carry out the operations of Whitley Crossings Neighborhood Corporation are caring, compassionate leaders who have experience serving people’s needs. Additionally, Whitley Crossings Neighborhood Corporation has partnered with Neighborhood Development Associates for technical assistance with funds management and Award administration.  Neighborhood Development Associates has more than 20 years of experience in administering federal funding sources including low-income tax credits, historic tax credits, HOME, and CDBG funds.  Christine Deutscher will assist with coordinating the project and will provide grant administration and funds management for the project.

Though Whitley Crossings Neighborhood Corporation will eventually fall under the Brightpoint ownership umbrella, the ongoing mergers and acquisitions will not impact the Clugston Rehab Project’s Historic Tax Credit eligibility or the rehab work for this project.   Brightpoint intends to keep the Whitley Crossings Neighborhood Corporation entity intact and separate from Brightpoint throughout the duration of the five-year tax credit period.